Affiliated to C.B.S.E. No. 1030367


The Motto of our School is DISCIPLINE, LOVE AND SERVICE.

The school walks every step appropriately and accordingly to Discipline, love and Service. The school predicts these qualities leads to a situation characterized by tranquility, non- violence, peace, fellowship and cooperation. Ours is a co-educational Institution primarily started for the education of the Catholic children of Morena. Other children are also admitted without any consideration of caste, creed and status. It pays special attention to the formation of character with sound moral principles. It aims at the overall personality development of the students, which will enable them to become worthy citizen of tomorrow. Our education strives to form well-integrated persons who will transform today’s society through being more humane and just. We try to build a solid foundation for a life-time of achievement in various fields besides sowing an in-depth knowledge of our culture and values.